Fay Showroom Milan

The selected models for the project of the new Fay Showroom in Milan, developed by NCB Architettura, were our contract Paris armchairs and sofas, the Break coffee tables and the customized Frame consoles. The models were manufactured combining different velvet tones, metals and marbles, in order to create a lively and refined environment, as requested by the customer.

Bmw Dealer at Berlin Messedamm

Bmw recently inaugurated the biggest dealership in Germany in the Messedamm district in Berlin. The Stripes sofa was selected for the café, where customers can take a break and at the same time recharge their devices thanks to the USB plugs integrated in the sofa.

AJIB Bank Amman

The sofas Milano and Matrix and the Ego coffee tables were selected for the project of the AJIB Bank in Amman, in Jordan. The project was carried out by our partner George Abuzeid & Co., and included lobbies, offices and conference rooms in a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Lužniki Stadium Moscow

On the occasion of the World Football Championship 2018, which will take place in Russia, the historical stadium Luzniki in Moscow was completely renovated. Our contract model Ascot in a bespoke version, was selected for the VIP lounges. Ascot was customized according to the customer’s needs and covered in leather, to ensure easy maintenance and high resistance.

Lobby at The Gherkin London

The lobby at the Gherkin Building in London is a futuristic and minimalistic space, where the attention is focused on the structural elements and on the materials. In this almost aseptic place, the only dash of colour is given by our Stripes sofas in different compositions.

River Valley Mall Ohio

The relaxation corners along the promenade in the River Valley Mall in Ohio were conceived as places where people can meet and take a break. The Lounge sofas were used to create some chill-out zones where customers can relax during the shopping.