Bellagio is a collection of sofas, armchairs and molular elements with soft and classic lines. Bellagio, charachterized by the fabric cover with flounce, is the ideal model in a living room with a romantic mood.


Luxury collection of sofas and modular elements characterized by a contemporary design combined with the traditional “made in Italy” artisan tradition. The seat stands out for the handmade capitonné finishing without button. David, due to its refined and timeless design, is a first-class piece of furniture for a contemporary classic living room, but it is also suitable for contract use for the furnishing of hotels, lobbies and managing offices.
Available in leather, artificial leather and fabric, also in an original combination of different materials.


Contract programme with a refined design, consisting of armchairs, sofas and modular elements. The seat and back cushions are perfectly inserted into a system of wooden panels over a metal tube frame. L-Sofa can be in fabric, leather or artificial leather and is the ideal model for lobbies, lounges and management offices.ather.


Luxury collection of sofas, armchairs and modular elements with sober and contemporary design, characterized by the skillful use of highest quality materials and by the artisan manufacturing process, accurate in every detail, according to the “made in Italy” tradition. Available in leather, fabric and artificial leather, or in en elengant combination of different materials.


Matheus offers a programme of sofas, longchairs and modular elements with modern and elegant lines. It can be combined in many different ways, in order to fit into any modern living room. Matheus is a very comfortable sofa and is charachterized by a great attention to the used materials and a constant pursuit of perfection in every single detail. Matheus is available in fabric, leather or artificial leather.

New York

Collection of sofas, armchairs and modular elements with a refined design. The distinguishing features of this model are the wide armrest and the slender metal base. Available in fabric, leather or artificial leather, New York is a contract model conceived for the furnishing of hotel lobbies and management offices, but that is also perfect for a residential use.


Luxury collection of sofas, armchairs and modular elements with square lines and modern design. The seating comfort is guaranteed by the wide proportions and by the seat and back cushions in feather. Miller is a classic contemporary model typical of the made in Italy tradition, manufactured with highest quality materials and great attention to every detail. It is a classy sofa which perfectly fits into any house, classic or with a more contemporary style. Available in fabric, leather or artificial leather, or in an elegant combination of different materials.


Luxury collection of sofas, armchairs and beds in which comfort and luxury perfectly combine in an elegant and sophisticated design. Roger is the perfect example of the artisan made in Italy style, in which the sofa becomes the real protagonist of an extremely prestigious living room. The handmade quilting on the external side of the body lends a touch of sophistication to this classic but at the same time very contemporary model. Roger can be in leather, fabric and artificial leather.

Stripes Velvet

The STRIPES VELVET collection of armchairs and sofas is a softer version of the classic STRIPES model. Stripes Velvet offers a very versatile programme in two different heights. The main differences are the presence of a very comfortable seat cushion in feather and a lower base, while the characteristic horizontal quilting and the opportunity of creating many different compositions remain unchanged. Stripes Velvet is particularly fit for the contract furnishing of prestigious lobbies, hotels and offices, but it is also perfect in a modern living room.


Luxury collection of Chesterfield sofas and armchairs, reinterpreted in a modern key, charachterized by the handmade capitonnè finishing on the backrest, which is not present in the “Soft” version, with a softer look. Oxford is a sofa with a classic but always up-to-date design, which perfectly fits into any living room. Available in leather, fabric and artificial leather.