Kyoto Furniture

The Kyoto collection gives you the opportunity of completing your living room decoration in the same style, with a sideboard and a cupboard with wooden structure, marble top and the same precious metal base as the tables, all of them customizable in the finishes you prefer. These elegant pieces of furniture can convey a touch of sophistication to any modern living room.


Decorative but at the same time functional modern bookshelf, with metal structure and tempered glass tops. Lobel is charachterized by essential and rigorous lines and perfectly fits into a modern living room.


Mirror collection with modern and minimalist design, available in two different shapes and sizes.


Frame is an actual product family consisting not only of coffee tables in different shapes and sizes, but also server tables, consoles, totem and a bookcase. The structure is in metal in many different finishes, and the tops can be in glass, wood or in all the marble types. Frame is an all-purpose product, suitable for any contract or residential use.