Dentsu HQ Milan

Dentsu is an important international communication and advertising agency with offices also in Milan.
Our models were selected to furnish the different environments of the Dentsu Building, thanks to the modularityflexibility and design characterizing our programmes.

The customer needed to find the right model for the different spacesconference roomsoperarive officesrelaxation and conversation areas and our collections, distinguished by great quality and beautiful lines, fit into any kind of environment and were able to satisfy the customer’s needs in all respects.
In the different spaces we can find the Stripes collection in different versions: armchair, long curved compositions, office systems with walls and roof; Moon armchair, sofas and ottomans, L-SofaDerek sofas and armchairs, big Lounge compositions, App ottomans, Loft and Matheus sofas, Morris and Joy armchairs, Nicole chairs and the BreakClip and Forest tables.
The new work spaces were conceived taking into great consideration the well-being of the people working in the company, as a pleasant work space can really make a difference in the employees’work life.
Our models are always designed for person’s well-being.
In this project, all the products were carefully selected considering designmaterial and finish, to create perfect environments in every single building area. However, all the environments are linked by the same fil rouge, that is to create the best work space for each person.
The result is comfortablemodern and colourful work environment, an enjoyable place to live and work in.